Bo Law Kung Fu

Develop the mind, the body will follow, and your spirit will be enlivend. This is Bo Law Kung Fu!

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Awesome job everyone! Our fist instalment of urban kung fu was a great success! We spoke about… where is this awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. Our physical and mental condition, as well as the constant training that is required.

We were able to take the classical techniques learned in our school and see with help and guidance how they can be utilized in modern day self-defense situations. Some basic techniques we focused on were “pek choi” (hand chop), “gwa choi” (back fist), “jang” (elbow strike), and “siu guerk” (small kick). We were able to use the same fundamental techniques in 3 different situations. 1-on-1 attack, from a choke hold, and from a seated position.

This seminar showed us the versatility of our traditional techniques used in a modern urban setting. The classical techniques worked so well and were easily adaptable. I’m looking forward to the next installment of this special class. And hope all participants can you away with a better understanding and appreciation of our kung fu techniques and training.